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Garrett PD6500i 33-Zone Walk-through gate

Hand Metal Detectors

What is a Walk-through Gate & it Usage


Walk Through gate is a product that detects the metal objects, theses security gates are commonly use in public places, office, schools etc… Good quality walk-through like Garrett PD6500i we can scan or detect the pinpoint area where the metal part is exist, and enables the security guards or professionals to scan the people more frequently in a good manner.  with the help of walk-through gate we can increases their efficiency but also reduces the security risk. Walk Through Gate enables instant checking of any individual and has a high detecting system.It is also necessary that security professional should understand the language of walk-through with the help of RED light indication and alarm it is also recommended that walk-through should be places in shaded and level place


Hand Metal Detectors & Usage

are use to detect Metal object in a body areas, These are light weight handy and easy to use. They mostly use in schools, courtrooms, corrections facilities, sports events, business public areas and helpful to checking parcels and letters for metal objects

when a person pass through under a walk-through gate, security guard again scan the prompted areas. mostly 9v DC battery are used.

Garrett Super Wand
Garrett SuperWand Hand Matel Detector USA
Garrett Super Scanner
Garrett SuperScanner Hand Matel Detector USA

Walk through gate demo video

Pinpoint Detection 33-Zone