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Solar Energy Power solutions for your home

Why Solar Energy ?

We can say that Solar energy is a free and long term energy solution,

according to research of National Renewable Energy Laboratory ” that one hour sunlight received from the sun by earth is enough to meet the annual energy needs of all the population around the world “

Importance to Environmental Protection

According to Bloomberg in 2015 solar energy was the fastest growing energy sector with a raise of 33%.

Solar Energy is Clean and Safe : Solar energy is a safe alternative which can replace current fossil fuels like coal, gas for generation of electricity and prevent land pollution. According to World Wide Fund For Nature, (WWF)  “electricity generation from fossil fuels causes pollution of air leading to acid rain, damaged forest areas, and affected agricultural production leading to loss of billions of dollars worldwide “.

Know In Pakistan ?

Due to more favorable weather climatic conditions, solar panel solution is most effective , on the other hand to generate electricity in Pakistan. … Power plants that burn biomass directly can generate electricity at a cost of 7 to 9 cents per kilowatt-hour.Aug 26, 2013

Are you suffering from load shedding issues.  We brings you the best solution in form of solar system for home. We are offer wide range of renewable energy services for residential as well as the commercial sector of Pakistan.

We deals in Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Solar  on-grid off-grid system

  • 1KW,2 kW solar system for home use.
  • 3 KW solar energy system for residential customers
  • 5 KW solar energy system
  • Residential solar power solution
  • 10 KW solar system for home use in Pakistan

Installation of Solar System in ISLAMABAD & Rawalpindi